Our Mission

The Center for Applied Optics is dedicated to furthering the education of Huntsville's surrounding area students whether already in college, preparing for national competitions, going on high school field trips, involved in summer camp activities or just plain interested in the science of optics. We open our laboratories several times a year to support these various outreach programs, utilizing the vast array of optical hardware and expertise for inquiring young minds to explore the amazing field of optical engineering.

We offer capstone projects to UAH's mechanical engineering and electrical engineering students through our thin disk laser student laboratory and the single point diamond turning rebuild project (PDF).

The CAO is always active in fabrication of optical systems from idea, to design and fabrication, through to optically testing the finished product; students are invited to spend time with our staff to inspire and stimulate their minds, providing them with a clear understanding of how hardware comes alive when good ideas are clearly thought through.

We are helping to create the next generation of engineers with the dedication to providing a hardware experience that compliments their coursework. Providing hands on experience designed to cement their new found coursework knowledge. As well we support local and national high school competitions and frequently visit high schools to give lectures on exciting new technologies in optics.

SummerCamp ScienceDay
Summer Camp and the DI Team Student Participation at CAO
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Student Support for MAE490 Student Holography