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College of Business Return to Campus

We are excited that UAH has carefully explored options for how to conduct classes moving forward, and has developed a comprehensive plan for our return to campus for the fall 2020 semester. This plan promotes the health and safety of the UAH community while providing the unique value of the UAH education through a variety of delivery options for classes.

Here at the UAH College of Business, we are committed to providing high quality curriculum to our students, regardless of how classes are delivered. We have designed several options for you that allow you to continue to receive the excellent education you expect from the College of Business, with the support you need to be successful. Regardless of which option you choose, our goal is for you to continue your education in as safe and healthy a manner as possible.

We encourage College of Business students to use this page as a resource as they prepare for the Fall 2020 semester, and we look forward to welcoming them back to campus in the fall!

If you have a specific question about the Return to Campus Plan please submit you question by clicking HERE.

College of Business Class Options

On-Campus Course Options

Traditional: Meet in-person on campus following a regular class schedule. The courses schedule shows a section type of “T” for traditional courses.

Hybrid: A blend of traditional in-person meetings and online course content. Meet on-campus regularly, but less frequently than a traditional course. The course schedule shows a section type of “Y” for hybrid courses.


Online Course Options

Online: Fully online courses do not meet on campus at all. Students access all course content and all course activities online through Canvas. The course schedule shows a section type of “O” for online courses.

Remote: Students access on-campus courses virtually for those who want to have all their classes online during pandemic conditions. The course section is online and has the same section number as a hybrid or traditional on-campus course along with an “R” at the end of the section number. For example, ACC 307 01 is a hybrid course and its remote section is ACC 307 01R. The course schedule shows a section type of “O” for remote courses.

In the College of Business, we have an online or remote section available for every course.

Distancing in the Business Administration Building

As we welcome students back to campus, it is crucial that we continue to promote the health and safety of the UAH community by reducing the population density in classrooms, buildings, and on campus to accommodate social distancing and other CDC guidelines. 

We aim to accomplish this by:

  • Adjusting classroom capacity limits to meet CDC guidelines
  • Spacing students at least 6 feet apart while in the classroom and throughout campus
  • Students will utilize seats marked with a blue circle, indicating they are appropriately distanced

We will space our students apart and limit the number of students in a classroom by implementing UAH’s Blue and Silver Rotation Schedule (see below section). The images shown below illustrate spaced seating arrangements.

socially distanced classroom


socially distanced classroom 2

Health and Safety Practices in the Business Administration Building

When returning to campus for traditional or hybrid classes, we ask our students to focus on their health and safety, and that of those around them. Simple habits like mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing will go a very long way. These habits will keep our students, their fellow classmates, and faculty protected while on campus and in the classroom. We are all in this together!

You can find UAH’s guidelines of health and safety here. Here is an overview:

  • Wear a facemask or face shield
  • Practice social distancing of at least six feet
  • Do not come to campus if you feel sick
  • Wash hands often
  • Take the stairs whenever possible
  • Disinfect common areas
  • Do not bring children to campus

Here are some additional things students can expect to see in the Business Administration Building:

  • Interior directional signage to control foot traffic patterns
  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout the building
  • Work space sanitizing supplies available before and after class

Blue and Silver Schedule- Undergraduate Students

Attendance in on-campus sessions of hybrid courses is rotated based on the last digit of a student’s A# (students can look up their A# by going into your DegreeWorks — it is located on the top left corner of the screen). Students, whose last digit of their A# is 0-4, are in the BLUE group and will attend class sessions that occur on Mondays and Tuesdays. Students, whose last digit of their A# is 5-9, are in the SILVER group and will attend class sessions that occur on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

If a student is in the BLUE group, they will come to campus for the Monday sessions of their Monday/Wednesday (MW) hybrid classes, and for the Tuesday sessions of your Tuesday/Thursday (TH) hybrid classes. If a student is in the SILVER group, they will come for the Wednesday sessions of their MW hybrid classes, and for the Thursday sessions of their TH hybrid classes. If a student is scheduled to attend a traditional course on a day that conflicts with their group designation, they should come to campus for that class period.  

Fridays are left open for special courses and activities, and students from either group should come to campus if their class is scheduled for that day. Students may come to campus in the evenings, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to access academic support provided by Salmon Library, the Student Success Center, and other resources which will be available both on-campus and remotely.

blue silver group chart 2

Blue and Silver Schedule- Graduate Students

A#s ending in 0-4 are assigned to the Blue Group, and have designated group days of Monday and Tuesday. A#s ending in 5-9 are assigned to the Silver Group, and have designated group days of Wednesday and Thursday. Specifically to our graduate students, each faculty member will decide what type of rotation works best for their class. Graduate classes will rotate in one of two ways. 

The first option would be to allow all students to attend their weekly class with half of the students attending the first portion of the assigned class time, and the other half of the students attending the second portion of the class time. When students are not in the classroom, the faculty member will provide high quality online content to continue the lesson plan. For example, if a graduate class is scheduled for Tuesday from 5:30-9pm. Half of the students will attend on-campus every week from 5:30-7pm, and will then engage with the online content off campus. The second half of the students will also attend on-campus every week but will come to campus 7:30-9pm and will also engage with the online content their faculty member has produced.

The second schedule rotation option will be for the graduate class to split into the Blue and Silver Groups, one group will attend class on-campus one week while the other group is engaging with online content, and the next week the groups will switch. For example, Alex is in the Blue group. He will attend the entire class at the regularly scheduled time for one week. The next week he will not come to campus but will engage with the online content that his faculty member has purposefully placed online. The next week he returns to class on campus.

Again, for graduate students the type of rotation will be at the discretion of each faculty member. You will hear from your faculty members prior to the start of the semester with details of their rotation schedule of choice. If you do not hear from your faculty member before August 14, 2020, please reach out to them individually. If you still do not receive a response, please click here to submit your question about the rotation schedule. 

Academic Advising Office Hours and Appointments

Academic Advising Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-5:00pm 

On Fridays, advisors will be working remotely and our on-campus office will not be open.

We encourage all advising appointments (Monday-Friday) to be scheduled through phone (or ZOOM, if preferred) on the appointment booking calendar. 

Click here to book an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference is that online sections are designed to be taken fully online and remote sections allow remote/virtual access to on-campus classes.

Remote Sections- Allow students to participate in an on-campus course remotely. Because these courses are on-campus, they will have an assigned meeting day and time. Depending on the course, the instructor might want you to participate in the course virtually at the assigned course day and time. Other instructors might not require you to attend online during the class meeting time, but will post class recordings online for you to review.

Online Courses- Designed to be fully online with recordings, online quizzes or exams, and other activities. Generally, online courses do not have a designated class meeting day and time.

In order to promote safety and health through social distancing, attendance for on-campus sessions of hybrid courses will be rotated while utilizing the “Blue and Silver On-Campus Schedule”. Hybrid courses are a blend of traditional in-person meetings and online course content. Meet on-campus regularly, but less frequently than a traditional course. The course schedule shows a section type of “Y” for hybrid courses.

No. If you have already registered, your course schedule has been updated automatically to reflect that courses might have changed to hybrid or online. Unless you want to change to an available on-campus section or to a remote or online section, you do not need to make any changes. If you do want to change your schedule, you can do so yourself or contact your academic advisor who will be happy to help you.

In the College of Business, we have an online section or a remote section available for every course.

If you have health concerns or otherwise prefer to take courses without coming to campus, please register for online or remote courses (marked with a section type of “O” in the schedule). Remote sections are also marked with an “R” next to the section number of hybrid or traditional courses.

If you are enrolled as a fully online/remote student and will not be coming on campus for any reason during the fall 2020 semester, re-entry testing is optional. Schedules will be verified. More info on the mandatory COVID testing can be found HERE.

It is strongly recommended that faculty conduct office hours by Zoom. In situations in which faculty meet students in-person, such meetings should take place in a location that accommodates social distancing.



If you still have questions about the Return of Campus Plan, please click the button below to submit your question. We are happy to help, and look forward to answering your question as quickly as we can.


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