samuel christopher

Samuel Christopher is honing his extensive business expertise with the professionals at Science Application International Corporation (SAIC). 

Currently, Samuel is working to earn a double major in Finance and Contract Management and Economics and Computational Analysis, a minor in Philosophy and a specialization in Pre-Law and Finance Academy. Aside from his extensive educational pursuits, Samuel serves as the President of the Economics Association, a College of Business Ambassador, a Program Developer for the College of Business, and a Campus Fellow for Save First. 

 Recently, Samuel has taken on even more with a fascinating internship opportunity with SAIC. Samuel serves as a Program Analyst Intern serving under the Senior Program Analyst for the corporation. 

Samuel’s major responsibilities include working with a policy analyst to ensure risk mitigation in his division, ensuring program compliance with corporate policy, and keeping up with any of the technical aspects of the program that his division supports. 

“SAIC runs several programs across the country. A big part of my role is to ensure that every one of those programs are compliant with SAIC corporate policy,” Samuel elaborated.

Samuel credits the College of Business for his successes at SAIC. “My management professor, Phil Deaton, has worked extensively in his industry, and his knowledge is continuously helpful with my work at SAIC. Also, my advisor Vickie Moorehead has seriously altered my perceptions of what I can accomplish and achieve. She helped me realize my full potential.”

Samuel offered great advice for his College of Business peers: “Grow your relationships with your professors (they have your best interests at heart), apply for every opportunity that comes your way, utilize every resource the College of Business has to offer, and see Vickie Moorehead.” 

As far as his future goes, Samuel plans to continue his involvement with SAIC, the College of Business, and his educational goals. Post-graduation, Samuel is looking forward to earning a law degree as well as a Masters in Economics.