Service with a Smile

Serving Meals at the DRM             Students Deliver Christmas Boxes

Dec. 20, 2012 - ILC student Jiantao Feng (Center Right) and
Yihan Zuo (Far Right)
help DRM volunteers set up the cafeteria
before serving lunch.    

ILC and other international students give their time on a rainy
day to deliver boxes containing Christmas baskets.

Pictured left to right: Yichuan Du, Yecheng Ren, and Sijia Li 

During the UAH 2012 – 2013 holiday break several ILC students generously gave their time to help community causes.  Two activities in particular were aimed at brightening the season for families struggling economically: serving meals to the homeless at the Downtown Rescue Mission (DRM) and delivering boxes full of Christmas goodies collected through St. Joseph Church.  At the DRM students had a lesson in food service and the simple joy of giving your time.  Students who helped deliver Christmas baskets aided grateful church workers to ensure that several families could have a happier, more comfortable holiday.

Jiantao Feng, an ILC student since Fall 2012, participated in both activities, and he especially enjoyed his experience at the Rescue Mission.  On December 20, 2012, he went with other students to the gymnasium at the DRM facility in order to serve lunch to the poor.  He said the process was very clean because they all had to first wash their hands, then put on plastic aprons, and even wear hair nets and gloves to serve the food.  The volunteers waited for the men, women, and children to arrive and form a line, where Jiantao helped serve the bread and soup, salad, cake, and the iced tea.  He smiled as they all told him, “Thank you, sir,” and he was glad he had gone there rather than hang around his dorm. 

“If I have a chance I will do it again,” said Jiantao.  “It felt good to help out because it was meaningful.”  He recommended that other students try it, especially since it required so little time and because serving food and wiping tables are simple things people can do for others who need help.