Welcome to The University of Alabama in Huntsville

altenkirch web_2The University of Alabama in Huntsville is a unique campus that fuels a spirit of confronting monumental challenges. This institution was founded by our city's civic leaders and nurtured by a nation's drive to conquer space – our last frontier.

From the visual and performing arts to the art of invention, from engineering new technology to managing it, from space physics to global studies to educating nursing professionals to serve diverse populations, UAH merges innovative research with classical studies to enrich fully the student experience. Our faculty remove the perceived barrier between teaching and research and provide students with real opportunities to apply knowledge outside the classroom.

UAH thrives on the synergy created among academia, government and business that all exist in North Alabama. Our campus is the anchor tenant of Cummings Research Park, the second largest university-related research park in the U.S. Additionally, our faculty and students complement the research and development needs of local industry as well as NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and major Army laboratories at Redstone Arsenal.

The vision and dream of UAH was fueled by the drive and foresight of the women and men whose rockets carried mankind into space, to the moon and beyond. We continue to be inspired by those that dared to dream beyond the unknown.

If you are considering becoming, or currently are, a student at UAH, what that means for you is a commitment that will result in an educational experience connecting robust scholarship and education, research leadership and service to our community.

Please explore our Web site to find out more about the endless opportunities available at UAH. And to understand UAH fully, I encourage you to visit our campus, interact with our students, tour one of our many research laboratories, attend a sporting event and experience the "Rocket City" for yourself.

Robert A. Altenkirch