hickman pDr. Charlie Hickman, 2014


The College of Business Administration Faculty Teaching Awards recognize outstanding teachers in the College of Business.  Nominees for this award are submitted graduate students.  Each winner is then selected by a committee of students from the college.  Winners of this award have shown a passion for teaching and their subject matter and have set high expectations and challenges for their students. They have shown an ability to engage their students both in and outside of the classroom, helping them to see how classes will assist them in their future endeavors.  It is for these exemplary efforts that they are rewarded.









Past Recipients of the Graduate Award:

2013 Dr. Jeet Gupta
2011/2012 Dr. Fan Tseng
2010/2011 Dr. Chris Allport
2009/2010 Dr. Jeet Gupta
2008/2009 Dr. Dan Sherman
2007/2008 Dr. Eric Fong
2006/2007 Dr. Jeet Gupta
2005/2006 Dr. Fan Tseng
2004/2005 Dr. David Berkowitz
2003/2004 Dr. Jeet Gupta
2002/2003 Mr. Alan Whitten
2001/2002 Dr. Jim Simpson
2000/2001 Dr. Allen Wilhite
1999/2000 Dr. Jim Simpson
1998/1999 Dr. Wayne Morse
1997/98 Dr. Dorla Evans
1996/97 Dr. John Burnett
1995/96 Dr. Steve Floyd
1994/95 Dr. Jayen Patel