mok pDr. Wai Yin Mok, 2014


The College of Business Administration Faculty Service Award is given to Faculty for exemplary service to their profession, the College of Business Administration, and the University. Past recipients of this honor have provided guidance to their profession through avenues such as grant writing and review, professional organization committee membership, and by serving as journal referees.  They have been instrumental to the College of Business providing insight on tenure committees, faculty search committees, research proposal and review committees, and curriculum committees. Members of this group have also served on University wide committees such as the Faculty Senate Committee, Global Studies Abroad Committee, and the University Search Committee.  The recipients of this award exemplify a standard of excellence and service that encourages others to do so as well.

Dr. Wai Yin Mok received the College of Business Administration's 2014 Service Award. In addition to serving on college and university committees, Dr. Mok was President-elect of the UAH Faculty Senate for the 2013-2014 academic year and will be faculty Senate President for the 2014-2015 academic year.






Past recipients of this award include:

  • Dr. Chris Allport, 2013
  • Prof. Charles Hickman - 2011/2012
  • Dr. Jeet Gupta - 2010/11
  • Dr. Yequing Bao - 2009/10
  • Dr. David Allen - 2008/09
  • Dr. C. David Billings - 2007/08
  • Mr. Alan Whitten - 2006/07
  • Dr. Merle Maddocks - 2005/06
  • Dr. Fan Tseng - 2004/05
  • Dr. Cindy Gramm - 2003/04
  • Dr. John Burnett - 2002/03
  • Dr. Jack Schnell - 2001/02
  • Dr. Jim Simpson - 2000/01
  • Dr. Dorla Evans - 1999/00
  • Dr. Eugene Bryson - 1998/99