A. Description / Instructions

The Marshall Space Flight Center intends to recruit university student design teams to develop solutions to our current aerospace problems. In doing so, we are soliciting your problems and projects that you believe would make exciting student design topics in which to engage students. Please find the attached form for describing your problem/project. Once collected, these Student Design topics will be posted on a website maintained by the Alabama Space Grant program, available to more than one thousand institutions of higher education.

Selection: A university student design team, upon selecting a Marshall Problem Statement, submits a one page proposal which is reviewed and ranked by the subject matter group originating the problem/project. When a team is selected, that university agrees to submission of a final written report, and for a two semester team, delivery of a prototype (if practical), in addition to the final report. At the beginning of the semester in which the team is activated, Marshall will provide $1,000 for a one semester effort, and $2,000 for a two-semester effort.


B. Project Template

    Proposal Template

C. MSFC Projects Listing:

  1. Available - High Performance Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (NTP) - Mike Houts/ST23
  2. Available - Development of New Part Design Methodologies for In-Space Manufacturing - Tracie Prater/EM04
  3. Available - Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Roller Probe Design - James Walker/EM21
  4. Available - Lunar Sample Return Vessel – Travis Belcher/EV34
  5. Available - Solar System Communications Network - Eric Eberly/ES11
  6. Available - Innovative Reaction Control System for Small Spacecraft - David Dominguez/ES21
  7. Available - Detail Design and Analysis of a Variable Area, Deployable and Retractable Sunshield - Alex Few/ES21
  8. Available - Planetary Water Recovery System – Donald Layne Carter/ES62
  9. Available - Clogging of the LSS introduced by Biofilm Detachment Post-Dormancy/Biofilm Mitigation Technology - Yo-Ann Velez/ES62
  10. Available - Simulated Avionics Box Structural Design – J. Brent Knight/ES63
  11. Available - In-Space (including planetary surface) Propulsion System Maintenance – Charlie Dischinger/EV74
  12. Available - Correlated Electromagnetic Levitation Actuator (CELA) - Sarah Triana/ED04
  13. Currently Unavailable - 3D Printed Fiber Optics - Ian Small/ES43
  14. Currently Unavailable - Transonic Wind Tunnel Roll Pod Design – Jim Aaron/ET20
  15. Currently Unavailable - Core Flight System (cFS) Generic End-Effector Applications - Marlyn Terek/ES52