President Dawson has initiated a search for the Vice President for Research and Economic Development (VPRED).  The VPRED Search Committee whose membership is listed below has met and developed a job announcement for this position. The VPRED job announcement is attached and posted on the HR Careers website  

The VPRED search committee is requesting your assistance in seeking excellent applicants for this position.  Please send the job announcement to individuals who, you believe, may be interested in the VRPED position.  You may also send nominations for the VPRED position to Christine Curtis at and copy Peggy Bower at  We will contact the nominees and invite them to apply for the position.

The VPRED Search Committee membership is:

Laird Burns
John Christy
Paul Collopy
Christine Curtis, Chair
Sara Graves
LaFreeda Jordan
Tom Koshut
Garry Maddux
Matt Turner
Russ Ward

To submit an announcement, contact
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