Alumni Lunch & Learn with Dr. Emil Jovanov and the Smart Pill Bottle

Emil Jovanov

Friday, September 13
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Shelby Center for Science & Technology, Room 301
UAH campus
(campus map, see #18)

$12 to attend.  Registration required; lunch provided.
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Wouldn't you like to be reminded to do important things - like taking medicine. Dr. Emil Jovanov, Associate Professor at UAH, has invented a device that does that. Dr. Jovanov invented a smart pill bottle that can notify you when to take your medication. The smart pill bottle can also tell if the bottle has been opened, if a pill has been taken, and it can communicate that information to your doctor.
About the Speaker
Dr. Emil Jovanov is an Associate Professor at UAH in the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. He holds a Master of Science in electrical engineering and a doctorate in electrical and computer engineering, both from the University
of Belgrade.