Once a Charger...Always a Charger!

Congratulations on your Accomplishment!


As a UAH graduate, your UAH Alumni Association offers you:


*Watch your diploma holder at Commencement for a special message from your UAH Alumni Association.


Next Steps & FAQs

  1. How do I join the Alumni Association?  Are dues required?

    You are automatically a member upon graduation.  Membership is free by virtue of being a UAH alumnus.  Your membership card will be mailed to you a few weeks following graduation.

  2. Do I keep my @uah.edu email after graduation?

    Only for a short time.  After 3 terms of non-enrollment (basically a year), your @uah.edu account is disabled.  However, you may request a complimentary alumni email address (@alumni.uah.edu).  This is a full-service email account (not a forwarding account).  All contacts and data from your student account can be easily transitioned to the alumni account if done so prior to the expiration of your student account.  If you will be re-enrolling for other studies at UAH, you will continue to keep your @uah.edu email as long as you are enrolled.  More details...

  3. How do I get involved with the Alumni Association?

    First, update your information here and let us know about some specific ways you would like to be involved so we can contact you as opportunities arise.

    Next, join the conversation on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

    Download the UAH Campus Life app and the UAH Alumni Association guide on your mobile device to have fast access to important information, graduation checklist, and alumni events calendar.

    Also, read your Alumni E-newsletter at the beginning of each month for upcoming events, activities, and opportunities.  If you see things that interest you, jump in and get involved with us.  If there are opportunities you'd like to see, let us know at alumni@uah.edu or 256.UAH.ALUM.

    Your UAH Alumni Association is a lifelong resource for you.  We look forward to assisting you as you transition to alumni life.  Get Involved...Stay Involved...Keep Charging On!