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The T.R.U.E. Chargers Student Alumni Association is a student organization that serves all UAH students – past and present. T.R.U.E. Chargers bridge the gap between current students and UAH alumni by creating opportunities for students to network and engage with alumni, allowing for a smooth transition from student life to becoming an active alumnus.

T.R.U.E. Chargers accomplish this mission through their four pillars of purpose: (1) Tradition – Leaving a legacy for those who will follow; (2) Recruitment – Recruiting, educating and involving future alumni leaders; (3) Unification – Unifying UAH students, past and present; (4) Engagement – Engaging and building loyalty among students and alumni.

The T.R.U.E. Chargers Board of Directors is the leading and governing body of the T.R.U.E. Chargers Student Alumni Association, determining how and by what means the T.R.U.E. Chargers link current students with UAH alumni.

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2017-2018 T.R.U.E. Chargers Board of Directors

  • Menley Urban, President
  • Chris Farner, Vice President Education and Events
  • TJ Miller, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Mackenzie Bockhold
  • Austin Crowley
  • Taylor Edwards
  • Derek Kamberg
  • Jessica Lochner
  • Julia Pegis
  • Austin Schofield

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