Subscribe to the Women's Studies Online Newsletter

Women's Studies publishes an online newsletter approximately monthly during the school year to publicize events of local interest.

The online newsletter is delivered as an Announcements Only e-list through Google Groups (formerly Yahoo groups). Announcements Only means that you can't reply to the group (any reply will only go to the moderator), and that you will only receive email from the moderator.

If you use Gmail, follow the instructions below. Otherwise, email a subscription request to

To Subscribe from Your Gmail

1. At the top of the Gmail screen, click on "more."

2. From the menu this displays, click on "Groups."

3. In the search box, type UAH Women's Studies.

4. A search result matching the image below appears.

Google Groups - Groups matching UAH Women's Studies responses.

5. Click on "UAH Women's Studies." You will be at the group's page, where you can click "Join This Group" (right side of screen, under the heading "Discussions").