kaylie burkhardt

Welcome to our first Theatre Student Spotlight! Kailey Burkhardt will be directing ‘Dentity Crisis as her senior capstone project.

Kailey is double majoring in Theatre and English, and she will be graduating in December. We asked her a few questions in anticipation of her exciting semester. 

When/how did you know choosing to major in Theatre was the right decision?

“After a few semesters of being involved with UAH Theatre and stepping up my involvement with Fantasy Playhouse Children's Theatre, I came to realize that having a full-time career in theatre was a very tangible dream, and one I've been pursuing ever since. I knew, and still know that this was the best choice I could make because I haven't second guessed myself since. I've also never been more excited or confident about the direction my career is taking.”

What about directing 'Dentity Crisis excites you most?

“Probably the fact that not only do I get to bring a play I've fallen in love with to life, but that I get to as a director watch the journey my actors are going to take as they bring their parts of the show to life, the characters. It'll be great to collaborate with old and new peers and see what beautiful, meaningful art we can create together. I'm also thrilled by the fact that we will get to share the play's message with the students of UAH and keep their interest in theatre kindling while also addressing social issues within our society.”

What is your favorite part about being involved in the Theatre department?

“Every day I come in knowing we have an amazing, well-rounded faculty at our disposal to reach out to for guidance; each with a different and eye opening perspective that helps us see the world, theatre, and ourselves differently. Though we are continuing to grow, I love getting the chance to be a part of a group of majors who are FIERCELY passionate about theatre and the work they do. I don't know many other students who get to collaborate the many ways we do, and to me that makes us the luckiest students in the world.”