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Please know that in the Department of Music we’re making some difficult and delicate decisions to ensure a safe, healthy, and musically enriching Spring 2021. We recognize the essentiality of music and the arts, especially in critical – even historic - times like these, and are committed to delivering it in a way that is safe for all involved. Please know that we will continue to refine policies as we learn more about best practices in this new era.

Watch this page for the latest updates.

Music Office Hours:  For assistance, contact the Music Staff at 256-824-6436 or

UAH COVID-19 Response Update

All University faculty, staff, and students are expected to maintain a commitment to the health and safety of our campus community.  Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, specific health and safety standards are in place to minimize exposure and community spread on campus. In the interest of your health and safety and that of all UAH students, faculty and staff, the University reserves the right to change the mode of instruction or schedule of instruction at any time, based upon prevailing public health and other guidance.  While the method of delivery may change, educational instruction and opportunities will continue. 

What do I need to do?

  • All students must be familiar with and abide by the requirements outlined in the UAH Return to Campus Plan, UA System Comprehensive Health and Safety Plan, and Interim Policy 02.01.71 Safety and Health Requirements for Presence on UAH’s Campus During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Students must (1) wear a mask or face covering at all times while participating in face-to-face class and while in all University buildings; (2) adhere to social distancing standards; and (3) comply with all other health and safety restrictions.  A valid Charger Healthcheck passport will be required for entry before each class session.
  • If a student refuses to comply with the requirements, the student will be asked to leave the class and reported for a conduct violation.  More information on these requirements and Charger Healthcheck system and screening can be found at .   
  • You are expected to visit the site and comply with all noted requirements related to in-person class attendance.

What must guests coming to campus do?

Overall Guidelines for the Department of Music

  • Music instruction will be delivered through a variety of online, hybrid, and traditional methods.
  • For all face-to-face (F2F) instruction, instructors and students will remain masked (even while playing or singing) and properly distanced.
  • All rehearsal and teaching spaces in Roberts Hall will have a reduced maximum capacity, posted in plain view.
  • Some studios and classrooms will feature plexiglass dividers for added safety.
  • Where appropriate, certain instruction will be relocated to larger spaces for added safety.
  • Meetings, classes, and events with more than 25 in attendance will employ contactless temperature screening.
  • All performances in Roberts Recital Hall will be live-streamed on the web. We have not made a decision as to whether or when we will welcome the public to campus events.

How will Music Forum work?

  • Music Forum will meet online via Zoom, synchronously, each Thursday at 9:40-10:35 AM. It will feature our regular rotation of studio classes, student recitals, and special lectures, all via Zoom. Certain events will be live-streamed from Roberts Recital Hall, and student performers will have the option to perform from home or from Roberts Recital Hall via live-stream.
  • The Spring 2021 Music Forum Schedule will be posted on Canvas and the web, and more specific information about its remote implementation will be coming soon.

What about applied lessons?

  • Instructors will arrange for lessons via remote or F2F, maintaining all guidelines set forth above.
  • Applied lessons will be scheduled in accordance with the student’s Blue/Silver designation, OR after 4 PM any day, OR on Fridays.
  • Some instructors and students will prefer remote instruction. Canvas and Zoom will be utilized to facilitate this instruction.
  • Students who need practice room access must complete the Practice Room Request Form.

What about Spring 2021 Juries?

In accordance with health and safety guidelines as well as university protocols for end-of-term remote instruction and online final exams, the Department of Music will administer juries for Spring 2021 in a remote format.

Spring 2021 juries will be video recorded and submitted electronically. Deadline for jury submissions is Saturday, April 24, 2021. Current video jury procedures are outlined below.

  • Jury content/repertoire is at the discretion of the instructor in consultation with the student.
  • Accompaniment is encouraged but not required.
    • Students may use a pre-recorded accompaniment (karaoke-style).
    • Students may use a live accompanist. Masking and distancing requirements must still be observed.
    • Students may elect to perform without accompaniment.

Video Jury Procedures

Follow these 3 steps to submit a video jury:

Step 1. Record your Video Jury
  1. Introduce yourself and your accompanist, even if the accompaniment is pre-recorded.
  2. Announce the title and composer of work(s) performed.
Recording Tips:
  • Record your jury in one, continuous, unedited take. Do not turn off the camera between selections.
  • Your face, fingers, valves, slides, sticks, etc. should be visible at all times.
Step 2. Upload your Video Jury to YouTube
  1. Upload your jury to YouTube as an UNLISTED video. Make sure permissions are set so that we can view it.
  2. Secure a link to the video and copy/paste the link into the Jury Submission Form.
Step 3. Submit the Jury Submission Form (deadline April 24, 2021)
  1. Fill out completely the Jury Submission Form. (Click on button below.)
  2. Remember to add the YouTube link to your video jury.
  3. The Jury Submission Form will require you to attach your Studio Instruction Report. Make sure your instructor has completed and signed it.
  4. Click "Submit."


Will we still have Ensembles?

  • Yes, all ensembles will continue, albeit in a modified format.
  • Ensembles with fewer than 20 persons and which meet after 4 PM will rehearse as normal, though distanced and masked, even while playing or singing.
  • A few ensembles will rehearse remotely and are noted on the schedule as online courses.
  • Choirs and Wind Ensemble are now scheduled to rehearse 3 days per week. However, students will only report twice per week: once for a sectional and once for a full ensemble rehearsal. Sectional rehearsals will occur in normal locations, and full ensemble rehearsals will occur in larger spaces which can accommodate all members at a 6-feet distance.
  • All large "aerosolizing" ensembles will meet for a maximun of 30 minutes per session, stopping then to allow 30 minutes to 1 hour of room vacancy for air re-circulation. Rehearsals may conclude at that time or continue following the vacancy pause, as determined by each director, each time.
  • All ensemble members will remain distanced and masked, even while playing or singing. Instrumentalists are required to use bell covers.
  • Orchestra will meet online only, as scheduled, for all instruments in the Fall term. 
  • Pep Band rehearsals will be limited to 50 members at a time. Plans for accommodating the full ensemble are still under preparation. Additionally, the Athletic department is still in its planning phase for Fall. More details to come.

What about Practice Rooms?

  • The Practice Room Request Form must be submitted to access practice rooms.
  • Practice rooms will remain closed for general use for the time being.
  • Practice rooms will be assigned only to students enrolled in music classes who have completed the Practice Room Request Form.
  • Use of the rooms will follow the fixed practice schedule among the specific students, as assigned.
  • A 1 hour period of non-use will separate each practice session to allow for air recirculation and disinfection.

May I come to the Music Office?

  • The Music Office is open for regular business operations by appointment. See Contact below.
  • Masking, distancing, and Capacity Limit of 3 will be enforced inside the Music Office.

Questions? Contact