Join us in the USA this summer for HARMONY, a 16-day program for international students to study English and music while experiencing American culture. Hosted on the beautiful campus of the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) only 90 miles south of Music City, USA (Nashville, Tennessee), HARMONY gives students ages 15-20 the opportunity to connect with UAH faculty in classes and tourism to experience American culture.

UAH is classified as a High Research Activity Institution by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. UAH offers a variety of Bachelors, Masters, and certificate programs in the Colleges of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Nursing, and Science. Huntsville offers one of the highest per capita incomes and standards of living in the southeastern region of the USA. It is home to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and the Davidson Center for Space Exploration, making it a global hub for aerospace technology research.

The Department of Music offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with emphases in church music, jazz, liberal arts, music business, music education, music technology, performance, and piano pedagogy. The Department is home to a Yamaha DCFXE3PRO Concert Grand Piano, one of only thirteen in the USA. The piano is equipped with technology enabling musicians to remotely connect in real time anywhere in the world. The piano’s MIDI capabilities allow for music technology students to program their own compositions into the piano for performances with the computer ensemble and large ensembles at UAH.


The University Of Alabama In Huntsville (UAH)


July 20th - August 4th 2019


Cultural Experiences


$4,499 for students and $2,999 for chaperones (includes classes, on-campus accommodations, meals, hotels, ground transportation, and activities; excludes international travel)


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和声 英语/音乐暑假精英课程

阿拉巴马大学 (享茨维尔分校)
7月20日 - 8月4日

欢迎您暑假来参与我们专为国际学生举办为期16天的Harmony音乐暑假精英课程,在学习英文与音乐同时体验美国文化。阿拉巴马大学享茨维尔分校(UAH)只离美国音乐之都——田纳西州纳什维尔市90英里。在这美丽的校园里, HARMONY将让15-20岁的学生参与由UAH老师教授的课堂,并通过旅游学习和感受美国的生活与文化。


阿拉巴马大学享茨维尔分校(UAH)的音乐学院,提供音乐文学学士学位,设有爵士乐、人文博雅教育、音乐商业管理、音乐教育、音乐技术、音乐演奏和钢琴教育学等专项。 音乐系拥有全美仅有13台的雅马哈 DCFXE3PRO 演奏级三角钢琴,配备最尖端的遥控科技,透过光纤导入无线技术连接全球每一个角落的学生。钢琴同时内置MIDI编程技术,能演绎学生的写作,与电脑乐团以及UAH的交响乐团进行合奏表演训练。


  • 美国火箭城市 (阿拉巴马州享茨维尔市)
  • 美国音乐之都 (田纳西州纳什维尔市)
  • 南部艺术界之城 (佐治亚州亚特兰大市)


  • 美国太空和火箭中心
  • 绿色生态植物公园
  • 可口可乐世界
  • 美国乡村乐灵魂的Grand Ole Opry大奥普里剧院
  • 纳什维尔交响乐队
  • 亚特兰大市福克斯剧院

费用:学生 $4,499美元 家长/监理人 $2,999美元 (包括课程,校园里住宿与膳食,酒店,交通;不包括国际机票)