Cassie Welsh
Photo courtesy: Cassie Welsh

My name is Cassie Welsh, I am a recent graduate of the UAH graduate program.  I was recently hired by the Battle of Franklin Trust. The trust operates Carnton and the Carter House, two historic homes in Franklin, Tennessee.  I am a historic interpreter at the two sites, giving hour-long guided tours of the two homes throughout the week.  In the two months I have been employed with the trust, I have been able to use the public history and interpretive skills I acquired from my time in the UAH History program.

My primary interest has always been the Civil War and Reconstruction period, so this job is ideal.  My love of Civil War history came at a young age, spending time with my brother at Shiloh and other battlefields.  I experienced the recent solar eclipse from the McGavock Confederate Cemetery at Carnton, a local cemetery created for Confederate soldiers who fell at the Battle of Franklin.  One of the perks of working at historic sites is the opportunity to talk to descendants of not only the families who lived at the two homes, but descendants of soldiers (Union and Confederate) who fought at Franklin.  Just this week, both sites have started offering a ninety-minute slavery tour.  I hope to get involved with this tour, soon.  The skills I acquired in the UAH History program have been invaluable to my work at Carnton and the Carter House.  I am confronted daily with “learned traditions” (passed down stories that people think are facts, but are not).  Through my time at UAH, I learned how to answer those questions and give informed answers to guests.  If you pursue a college degree, I feel you should love the job you’ve worked hard to acquire.  I am blessed with such a career.  Come visit!