The Writing Major is an interdisciplinary program designed for students who want to make writing central to their career. The major prepares students for careers in writing-related fields—such as technical writing, publishing, social media consulting, and public relations—or graduate studies in rhetoric and composition, communication, creative writing, education, or law. By combining courses from the English and Communication Arts departments, the major gives students a comprehensive education in writing and rhetorical theory along with the techniques necessary to craft effective documents in multiple genres. All students take six core courses that instill a firm foundation in writing fundamentals and two electives that allow students to customize their education. Every student also chooses one of six concentrations: technical and professional writing, creative writing, media writing, rhetoric and composition, public relations, or a customized concentration created by the student in consultation with their advisor. The major also includes a capstone portfolio that allows students to revise documents that they can show to potential employers or graduate programs.


Fall 2018: Writing Courses

(CRN 91410) EH 211-01: INTRO CREATIVE WRITING, Maximum enrollment: 16, MW 02:40PM-04:00PM

Instructor: STAFF

Students will discuss contemporary stories/poems and will participate in workshops, where their own poetry and fiction is examined and critiqued by the class and instructor. The class culminates in two revision portfolios (one fiction and one poetry). Prerequisite: EH 102 or EH 105.

(CRN 91411) EH 211-02: INTRO CREATIVE WRITING, Maximum enrollment: 16, TR 11:20AM-12:40PM

Instructor: Anna Weber

In this introductory creative writing class, students will read contemporary poetry and fiction by established writers, and will also participate in writing workshops over the course of the semester, during which their own poetry and short fiction will be read and critiqued by their classmates. Both the poetry and fiction units will culminate in a revision portfolio.  

(CRN 91412) EH 260-01: INTRO TO WRITING MAJOR, 1.0 credit hour, Maximum enrollment: 25, M 02:40PM- 03:35PM

Instructor: Dr. Alanna Frost

An introduction to the Writing B.A., this course will overview the field of Writing Studies, its methods of inquiry and the interdisciplinary nature of its rhetoric, composition and language/literacy influences. Prerequisites: EH 101 and 102.

(CRN 91417) EH 411/511-01: POETRY WRITING, Maximum enrollment: 10, M 05:50PM 08:40PM

Instructor: Anna Weber

In Advanced Poetry Writing, students will read contemporary poetry, and will write several of their own poems, two of which will be critiqued by the instructor and class in a workshop setting.  Class will culminate in a final revision portfolio.

(CRN 91419) EH 414/515-01: CREATIVE NONFICTION WRITING, Maximum enrollment: 15, TR 04:20PM 05:40PM

Instructor: Dr. Billie Tadros

Embodied Narratives—Writing and (W)Righting Our Bodies. In this writing workshop course we will both write and read works of nonfiction. Your work will be “workshopped” twice this semester, and you’ll also meet with me in individual conferences at least twice. We all have, read, and write bodies, and in our discussions we will examine how language both represents and produces bodies as we engage with feminist, queer, disability, and trauma theories. Course texts will include works of memoir, essay, literary journalism, autoethnography, and hybrid nonfiction by writers such as Gloria Anzaldúa, Alison Bechdel, Joan Didion, Lucy Grealy, Leslie Jamison, Audre Lorde, Nancy Mairs, and Casey Plett.


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