The Writing Major is an interdisciplinary program designed for students who want to make writing central to their career. The major prepares students for careers in writing-related fields—such as technical writing, publishing, social media consulting, and public relations—or graduate studies in rhetoric and composition, communication, creative writing, education, or law. By combining courses from the English and Communication Arts departments, the major gives students a comprehensive education in writing and rhetorical theory along with the techniques necessary to craft effective documents in multiple genres. All students take six core courses that instill a firm foundation in writing fundamentals and two electives that allow students to customize their education. Every student also chooses one of six concentrations: technical and professional writing, creative writing, media writing, rhetoric and composition, public relations, or a customized concentration created by the student in consultation with their advisor. The major also includes a capstone portfolio that allows students to revise documents that they can show to potential employers or graduate programs.


Fall 2019: Writing Courses


CRN 91411 211 02 INTRO CREATIVE WRITING, TR 11:20AM 12:40PM, Anna Weber

CRN 91412 260 01 INTRO TO WRITING MAJOR, M 02:40PM 03:35PM, Dr. Alanna Frost

CRN 91417 411 01 POETRY WRITING, M 05:50PM 08:40PM, Anna Weber


JUMP only:

CRN 91418 511 01 POETRY WRITING, M 05:50PM 08:40PM, Anna Weber

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