Fall 2019: EH Graduate or JUMP Courses

These courses are also options for JUMP students. Consult with your JUMP advisor.


CRN 93222 500 01 COMPOSITION STUDIES TCHRS, TR 02:40PM 04:00PM, Dr. Gaines Hubbell

CRN 91416 501 01 THRY & PRACTICE TECHNICAL COMM, T 05:50PM 08:40PM, Dr. Ryan Weber

CRN 93255 508 01 HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANG, TR 02:40PM 04:00PM, Dr. Joseph Taylor

CRN 91418 511 01 POETRY WRITING, M 05:50PM 08:40PM, Anna Weber

CRN 93164 524 01 POETRY AND POETICS, W 05:50PM 08:40PM, Dr. Anna Foy
Do you love poetry? Feel intimidated by it? Maybe you’re a poet yourself and want to learn more about the history of poetry in English, or maybe you’ve never written a line in your life. Whatever your situation, the most important prerequisite for this course is that you have at least smidgen of interest in learning to read verse confidently. The class is structured as a survey of British poetry from the seventeenth century to the early twentieth century and a practicum for learning to read poetry. Authors may include Donne, Marvell, Swift, Finch, Pope, Barbauld, Blake, Keats, Tennyson, Rossetti, and Eliot. Graduate students will be asked to contribute presentations on important twentieth-century interpretive trends and exciting recent scholarship taking place under such rubrics as “historical poetics.”

CRN 93165 548 01 THE BIBLE AS LITERATURE, M 05:50PM 08:40PM, Dr. Laurel Bollinger
The Bible’s unique place as the Western literary tradition’s central text has also given rise to a long history of careful academic study. This course introduces students to central texts within the Bible as well as their scholarly interpretations.

CRN 91336 602 01 PRACTICUM/TECHNICAL COMM, Dr. Ryan Weber

CRN 93166 618 01 STUDIES/WOMEN & LITERATURE, TR 04:20PM 05:40PM, Dr. Chad Thomas
"American Women Dramatists." This course offers an in-depth study of plays written by American women in the last 100 years. The purpose of this course is to make you informed participants in ongoing debates about these works; to achieve that goal we will read ambitiously, studying a play a week alongside relevant scholarship, which will center on issues of gender and sexual identity. Primary texts include Trifles, Machinal, The Children’s Hour, A Raisin in the Sun, Mud, The Baltimore Waltz, The America Play, The Hungry Woman, Wit, Ruined, Octagon, The Wolves, & Indecent. As well, our focus will include a range of feminist and queer criticism, some that I will provide and some that you will find.


CRN 93170 670 01 STUDIES SEVENTEENTH CENTURY LT, MW 04:20PM 05:40PM, Dr. Angela Balla


For more information, contact the English Department at eh@uah.edu or 256.824.6320.