Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts

Communication fundamentally focuses on how messages are used to generate meaning within and across various contexts. Hence, the Communication Arts major is designed to help students develop intergraded skills in oral, written, and mediated communication. Communication Arts majors acquire an overview of the discipline in our introductory courses of CM 113, Introduction to Rhetorical Communication, and CM 231, Foundations of Human Communication. Along with taking other required courses in rhetoric, communication theory, and research methods, students select from a variety of courses that prepare them to become competent communicators in both their professional and personal lives. 

All communication arts majors culminate their coursework by participating in a capstone course, CM 431, which provides an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned in their courses of study toward a substantial project that bridges classroom knowledge with practical application. 

Suggested Areas of Communication Focus

The following are suggested areas of electives and core courses depending on your interest within Communication Arts. As the courses are not offered every semester, please inquire about when courses are offered with your Communication Arts advisor.

Communication Studies

CM 251 Decision Making in Small Groups

CM 330 Nonverbal Communication

CM 331 Communication Theory

CM 333 Interpersonal Communication

CM 433 Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication

CM 451 Organizational Training and Development

CM 455 Communication & Culture

Other connected courses: CM 310, CM 435


CM 205 Introduction to Journalism

CM 405 Advanced Media Writing

CM/EH 405 Creative Nonfiction Writing

CM 430 Mass Media in America

CM/EH 454 New Media Writing & Rhetoric

Other connected courses: CM 330, CM 435, CM 420, CM 433

Public Relations & Advertising

CM 220 Introduction to Public Relations

CM 310 Persuasion

CM 420 Public Relations Writing

CM 440 Public Relations Campaigns

CM 444 Advertising

Other connected courses: CM 330, CM 435, CM 405, CM 433, CM 451


CM 375 Rhetorical Criticism

CM 408 Classical Rhetorical Theory

CM 409 Contemporary Rhetorical Theory

CM 416 Women Orators

CM 418 Legal Argument

CM 426 Burkean Theory & Criticism

Other connected courses: CM 333, CM 433, CM 454

Visual Media

CM 210 Writing for Visual Media

CM 260 Video Production

CM 334 History of American Cinema

CM 435 Social Media

CM 360 Advanced Video Production

Other connected courses: CM 330, CM 430

For a full list of courses for the Communication Arts major course requirements, visit the UAH Catalog.


Bachelor of Arts in Writing

The writing major prepares students for careers in writing-related fields, such as technical writing, publishing, social media consulting, journalism, and public relations, and/or for graduate school in rhetoric and composition, communication, creative writing, education, or law. Its curriculum comprises a combination of courses offered by both the English Department and the Communication Arts Department.

Majors in the program can choose from one of six concentrations:

  • Technical & professional writing
  • Creative writing
  • Media writing
  • Rhetoric & composition
  • Public relations
  • A customized concentration created by the student in consultation with their advisor

Three of these concentrations – technical & professional writing, media writing, and public relations – include an internship component.

The program culminates in a capstone course in which students compile a professional portfolio of pieces that can be shared with prospective employers.

For a full list of courses for the Writing major and course requirements, visit the UAH Catalog.


Communication Arts Minor

A minor in communication arts consists of 21 semester hours of coursework taken within the department of which at least 12 semester hours must be taken at or above the 300 level, and at least half of the upper-level requirements must be taken at UAH.

For a full list of courses for the Communication Arts minors, visit the UAH Catalog.