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MA in Professional Communication

The Master of Arts in Professional Communication prepares students to work in communication intensive jobs, including social media management, user experience, advertising, public relations, professional writing, human resources, fundraising, event management, general management, training, and consulting, among other things. It fosters basic understanding of communication processes, including: 


  • Understanding of the major theoretical concepts and practical applications associated with the study of human communication
  • The ability to conduct scientific research ethically and effectively, to interpret statistical information, and to assess its practical import for understanding communication in the world.
  • Understanding of variables in communication situations, including the number (especially as it impacts interaction), background, interests, and values of participants; language, communication purposes, and contextual factors.
  • Understanding of the implications of a multicultural world on appropriate and effective forms of communication.
  • Understanding of how to adapt to variable communication situations for informative and persuasive purposes.
  • Understanding of special forms of communication such as that related to advertising, public relations, social media, technical writing, and communication technology, among others.
  • The ability to effectively produce and critically analyze persuasive messages.


For a full list of courses for the Communication Arts major, visit the UAH Catalog.

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Requirements for Admission to MA in Professional Communication

To receive unconditional admission to the program, students must have a 3.2 grade point average for previous college-level work, and a GRE score in the 65th percentile for verbal reasoning (= score of around 155) or an MAT score in the 50th percentile (= raw score of around 410) or above. There is no subject-area GRE. Applicants should submit a statement of purpose on the application. Those applicants not meeting these requirements will be assessed on an individual basis. International students must submit TOEFL scores with minimum scores of 550 (paper-based), or 80 total (Internet based), or an IELTS of 6.5 or better. To begin the admission process go to:




Students in the MA in Professional Communication must complete 33 total hours, including the core requirements and either Plan I (non-thesis) or Plan II (thesis). They may select electives freely or follow one of the suggested emphases below. All students must complete 33 hours, including 12 hours of 600-level coursework (excluding CM 699). To inquire further about the program contact:

Students should file a Program of Study by end of second semester.


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