Intern Shonice Pitts standing next to a poster illustrating her internship.


UAH Communication Arts Internship Program is designed for you to locate your own internship. In so doing, you will develop job search skills which will become invaluable when you graduate. During your search, keep in mind that:

  1. Your internship must be communication-related, not simply clerical or manual work
  2. You are advised to seek internships that match your career goals
  3. You must receive approval from your faculty advisor before beginning your internship

The most successful job seekers use multiple job search methods; therefore, you are encouraged to use multiple channels to find your ideal internship.

Internship Openings

Interested in Internship? Check out these currently open internship opportunities

Internship Search
3 easy ways to search for Internships

Option 1
Communication Arts Internship Database

Explore this list of local for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations as well as UAH-based offices that have been warmly welcoming UAH Communication Arts students as their interns. You may identify an organization of your interest and contact the responsible person about a possible internship opportunity. Hover over the contact persons’ names to see their email addresses.

Option 2
UAH Career Services

UAH Career Services provides a number of internship and job search resources including support in resume and cover letter development, interview preparation, networking assistance, and more. You can use Charger Path, UAH’s career management system, to connect with employers by searching for full-time employment, internships, part-time work, and other experiential learning opportunities in the communication field. This is a direct link to employers who want to hire you! Charger Path is exclusively for currently enrolled students and alumni.

Option 3
Job Search Engines

You can simply Google “communication internships [specify semester]” to search for available job openings in or near Huntsville. Additionally, you can use job search websites such as,,,,, and