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UAH Communication Arts Department is grateful for the many organizations that have kindly sponsored our interns and encourages you to become an internship sponsor. We look forward to working with you to help students gain professional experience while contributing meaningfully to your organization.

Internship for Credit

We have a formal internship program for which students receive credits. Students may enroll in their Internship Course or Senior Seminar Course to participate in the program. Credit is granted when students work a minimum number of hours at an approved organization ranging from 45 hours (for a one-credit-hour course) to a minimum of 135 hours (for a 3-credit-hour course and the Senior Seminar Course). Students are also required to satisfactorily perform duties required by their on-the-job supervisors and complete their course assignments such as a log of daily activities, written report, and portfolio of sample works.

Expectations from Sponsors

If you decide to offer an internship for credit to one of our students, we ask that you:

  • Complete a contract with the intern and faculty advisor at the beginning of the semester, detailing the agreed-upon intern’s responsibilities and work schedule.
  • Provide the student with guidance and communication-related work experience.
  • Complete an evaluation of the intern’s performance near the end of the internship that will be factored into his/her overall course grade.

Can I Advertise my Internship?

If you would like to have a position advertised on our department’s website or have your organization listed in our internship database, please send your internship posting including the job description, contact person’s name and information, and application deadline to our Internship Coordinator, Ms. Kristin Scroggin. 

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