Ms. Elham Nikoo

Full-Time Lecturer, Animation, Art


Telling stories is what I am passionate about as an artist. Sometimes these stories are told in their conventional barriers such as storyboards and animations. Some other times, stories find their way into my drawings, illustrations, or even still renders of a 3D model. No matter what the medium is, the story is always in the heart of my art practices. Technology and science are also an inseparable part of my creative processes. Although art in its pure forms such as drawing brings me comfort and freedom, I always feel the need to engage with more interdisciplinary art forms such as 3D animation to challenge myself. I welcome any opportunities for doing research and contribute to projects in which my two favorite subject areas, art and science, overlap.

My goal as an instructor is to help my students to know their strength, not to feel intimidated by skills and abilities of their peers, and to understand they can achieve any level of expertise if they keep trying. To be persistent and confident are qualities I try to nourish in my students. Most students who take animation courses are already interested in the subject matter. Some of them may take the course as a requirement for their program, for some others, it might be their first exposure to art. They may find their passion in the subject and follow it or find out they don’t want to continue this path. In any case, my attempt is to create a welcoming inclusive learning experience for them all.

Ms. Elham Nikoo's Curriculum Vitae


  • M.F.A., Creative Technologies, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
  • M.F.A., Animation, University of Art, Tehran, Iran
  • B.S., Physics, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

Classes Taught