Would you like to have a guest speaker for your class, community organization, or club?

Faculty members of the UAH College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences are interested in sharing their knowledge, ideas, and talents. This page contains information about some of these faculty members, their interests, and subjects about which they are prepared to make presentations. An important mission of The University of Alabama in Huntsville is to disseminate the results of its faculty's research to the community, there is no charge for these presentations! It is our job to share our ideas and expertise and we enjoy doing it.

To request a speaker, please contact us at dean-ahs@uah.edu to arrange for a presentation.

Participating Faculty

Dr. Irena Buksa (World Languages and Cultures)

"Why Study Russian?"

"Russia Yesterday and Today"

"The Golden Age of Russian Literature: An Overview"

Dr. Anne Marie Choup (Political Science)

"Colonization Ended Long Ago. Why Does It Still Matter?"

"The Politics of the Catholic Church in Latin America"

"How Latin American Countries Combat Violence Against Women"

"Violence Against Women on College Campuses"

"Boko Haram: Who, What, Where, and Why Now?"

Dr. Andrew Cling (Philosophy)

"Is the Mind the Same Thing as the Brain?"

"What Is Thinking Critically and How Do We Do It?"

Mr. Glenn Dasher (Art, Art History and Design)

"The History of Stone Carving"

"The History of Bronze Casting"

Dr. Rolf Goebel (World Languages and Cultures)

"German Music, Poetry, and Philosophy: Interdisciplinary Explorations"

"German Poetry in the Age of Digital Media"

"Walter Benjamin: The Fate and Triumph of a Modernist German Literary and Cultural Critic"

Dr. Kwaku Gyasi (World Languages and Cultures)

"African Literatures and Cultures"

"French Literature and Culture"

"The Literature and Cultures of French-Speaking Countries"

Dr. David Johnson (Global Studies)

"Globalization and the U.S. Southeast"

"Culture and Globalization"

"The History of the European Union and Its Present and Future Challenges"

Dr. Molly Johnson (History & Women's and Gender Studies)

"How Did the Nazis Win Power?"

"Nazi Propaganda and Power"

"Gender, Race, and the Politics of Fertility in Nazi Germany"

"The Holocaust in Historical Context"

Dr. Nicholaos Jones (Philosophy)

"Karma, Yoga, and Morality in Hinduism"

"Will the Real Scientific Method Please Stand Up?"

Dr. Linda Maier (World Languages and Cultures)

"An Introduction to Argentine Author Jorge Luis Borges"

"An Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Poetry"

"How to Prepare a Typical Spanish Dish: Tortilla de patatas, or Spanish Potato Omelet"

"World Language Majors and Minors: Transitioning from Community College to The University of Alabama in Huntsville"

Dr. Melody Ng (Music)

"An Introduction of Keyboard Music from the 18th Century to the Present"

Dr. John Pottenger (Political Science)

"Religious Liberty and the Founding of the American Republic"

"The Logic of Liberal Democracy"

"Justice and Civil Society"

"Political Theology: Ethics and Radical Social Change"

Dr. Clarke Rountree (Communication Arts)

"Ancient Rhetoric in Aristotle's Time"

"George W. Bush: The Chameleon President"

"Getting to Brown v. Board of Education: The NAACP's Strategy for Overturning Plessy v. Ferguson"

Dr. Christine Sears (History)

"Lynching and Ida B. Wells' Anti-Lynching Crusade"

"Slavery in the Atlantic World"

"Women in American History: The Path to Suffrage"

"Westward Expansion, Andrew Jackson, and Indian Removal"

Dr. Pavica Sheldon (Communication Arts)

"Social Media Uses and Gratifications"

Dr. Bhavani Sitaraman (Sociology)

"Clothing Matters: The Controversy Surrounding Muslim Veiling"

"Are Americans Pro-choice or Pro-life?"

"Culture and Domestic Violence in India"

Dr. Eric Smith (English)

"Utopian and Dystopian Literature"

"Postcolonial Science Fiction" (and other topics in science fiction)

"Globalization and Literature"

"Contemporary Caribbean Literature"

"Zombies in American Culture"

"Modern and Postmodern British Literatures"

Dr. David Stewart (Art, Art History and Design)

"Revolutions in Art"