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Michael Richards


From the moment I stepped foot on campus, UAH felt like home. It's a campus full of passionate people from every walk of life.

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Why UAH?

Honestly, the biggest thing that drew me towards UAH were the Scholarships. The financial support I was able to receive at UAH was better than any other school I was looking at, even those in my own state!


Although I'm not in a STEM field, there are lots of research opportunities that psychology students can take advantage of. One of my close friends got to work in a research lab (getting paid!) during the majority of her freshman year, just because she reached out to her psychology professor. This is just one example of the many opportunities I look forward to here at UAH!

Student Life

I absolutely love the student life here. It is definitely an academically focused school, but the number of different types of organizations that take place on campus is insane. It doesn't matter who you are, because UAH is a place that embraces every type of person, and with that comes a melting pot of student life culture.