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Christian Martin

Hometown: DECATUR, AL

Before choosing UAH, I was familiar with Redstone Arsenal being in Huntsville. I knew about the internships and job opportunities that the city of Huntsville provided, especially in the world of Cyber security (my study)!

Get to know Christian

Why UAH?

I chose UAH because I knew I would there was a good chance that I would have a job waiting for me after graduation! You simply can't compare the immense amount of opportunity offered by the Rocket City through the completion of a degree at a very well respected college. 

Favorite Thing About UAH

UAH is by no means a small college, but allows for an "at home" comfortable feeling where you are able to see familiar faces when walking to class everyday. This warmth and feeling of familiarity is, in my opinion, far superior than feeling like a small fish in a big ocean. There is never a lonely day on campus.


Huntsville has a flair of southern charm, while also being a trailblazer in the realm of technological advancements and academia. It's also pretty awesome that Huntsville built the rocket that put a man on the moon!

Campus Involvement

UAH has a very unique student culture that is very academically driven. Our students are diligent about completing classes, but also know how to lead incredible student organizations. There is a club for just about anything you could think of on campus. I have personally found great success in managing my time between classes, student organizations, and a part time on campus job!