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Asia Crocton


I feel that UAH is fully preparing me to be successful once I graduate. I'm so excited to start my internships soon so I can really get the hands-on experience that UAH provides.

Get to know Asia

Why UAH?

I chose UAH because of everyone's welcoming attitudes, and the overall home-like atmosphere. My favorite thing about UAH is all the wonderful student organizations that are offered. It makes it so easy for every student to find something they're interested in, and get involved with!

My UAH Experience

UAH has literally given me so many great opportunities. I have made so many friends and have had awesome professors, and I'm not even finished yet! I will forever be grateful for this experience, go Chargers!


I can't name just one thing that I like about Huntsville - my list is endless! I like how there is always something to do here, and I am never bored. There are also tons of delicious dining options. I can eat something different every single day if I choose to. After I graduate, I plan to stay in Huntsville due to all of the opportunities that are available for me here!


My favorite thing about psychology is that it's so broad and there are endless opportunities. You could stay more research based, or go more clinical. You can even work with lawyers and police officers, the list is endless.