Students transferring from Alabama two-year and four-year colleges and universities should consult the AGSC site for complete details regarding Areas I-IV for all majors, including the list of approved courses for each institution.

Specific requirements for students planning to transfer to UAH and major in biological sciences are included below:

Area I 
Written Composition (6 sh)
Area II 
Humanities and Fine Arts (12 sh)

"Requirements include at least 12 semester hours in humanities with a minimum of 3 semester hours in literature, 3 semester hours in the arts, and the remaining semester hours from the humanities and/or fine arts".

"As part of the General Studies Curriculum, students must complete a 6-semester hour sequence either in literature or in history."

All B.S. degrees including those leading to teacher certification in chemistry require a course in rhetorical communication. This requirement can be met by using SPH 106 or SPH 107 to partially fulfill the Area II requirements, or by using it to complete the hours in Area V.

Area III 
Natural Sciences and Mathematics (11 sh)

"Requirements include at least 11 semester hours with at least 3 semester hours in mathematics at the precalculus algebra level or higher and at least 8 semester hours in the natural sciences which must include laboratory experiences."

AGSC Requirement:
Students planning to complete the bachelor's degree in chemistry must take:
AL College System Course Titles:
MTH 125 Calculus I
CHM 111 College Chemistry I
CHM 112 College Chemistry II

Area IV 
History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences (12 sh)

"Requirements include 12 semester hours with at least a 3 semester hour course in history and at least 6 semester hours from among other disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences."

"As part of the General Studies Curriculum, students must complete a 6-semester hour sequence either in literature or in history."

Students intending to major in chemistry with a science and technology business minor should take the following courses as partial fulfillment of Area IV requirements:

Al College System Course Titles
ECO 231 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 232 Principles of Microeconomics

Area V - Preprofessional, Major and Elective Courses For Chemistry Majors at UAH (22-23 sh)

1. Required Courses - Requirements ratified by the AGSC for Biology
        AL College System Course Titles
        PHY 213 General Physics with Calculus I (4sh)
        PHY 214 General Physics with Calculus II (4 sh)
        MTH 126 Calculus II (4 sh)

2. Courses to fulfill Area V for major in chemistry at UAH
        The remaining 10 sh in Area V should be fulfilled by choosing from the following:
UAH Course Titles AL College System Course Titles
CM 113 Introduction to Rhetorical Communication - if not taken in Area II. (3 sh) SPH 106 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
SPH 107 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
MA 171 Calculus A - Level III Math - if not completed in Area III (4 sh) MTH 125 Calculus I -if not completed in Area III
Courses in the intended minor that are on the AGSC approved course list.