AREA V - Pre-Professional, Major, and Elective Courses (19-23 SH / 31 QH)

Students must complete 13 SH as prescribed below:

4 SH in Science: (Choose from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, or Geology courses not already taken in Area III.) Note: Students may take PHS 111 Physical Science to satisfy this requirement.

9 SH in Math: (3 SH must be at the Precalculus Algebra level or higher from Area III not already taken. The remaining 6 SH can be taken from any MTH courses that are transferrable for degree credit.) Note: MTH 231 Math for the Elementary Teacher I and/or MTH 232 Math for the Elementary Teacher II would count toward satisfying part of this requirement. Remedial courses in math would not satisfy this requirement.)

The remaining hours in Area V must be fulfilled by selecting additional courses which are approved general education courses within Areas II and IV. No more than six hours may be taken in any single discipline, with the exception of foreign languages. Students are strongly encouraged to balance coursework among the social sciences group, the humanities and fine arts group, and foreign languages.