Students planning to major in Communication Arts must do the following:

1) Complete an AGSC approved speech course as a part of Area II.
2) Complete an AGSC approved history 6 semester hour sequence, either in fulfilling Area IV or through applying 3 semester hours to Area IV and 3 semester hours to Area V.
3) Complete 23 semester hours to fulfill Area V:

  1. Completion of an additional speech or communication elective course (3 semester hours)
  2. Completion of 9 semester hours of coursework selected from AGSC approved courses not previously taken in Area II, III, and/or IV.
  3. The remaining 11 hours of Area V must be fulfilled by selecting additional courses which are approved general education courses within Areas II and IV. No more than six hours may be taken in any single discipline, with the exception of foreign languages. Students are strongly encouraged to balance coursework among the social sciences group, the humanities and fine arts group, and foreign languages.