Area I

English Composition

6 hrs.

Area II

Humanities and Fine Arts:



6 hrs.*


Fine Arts

3 hrs.


Humanities Elective

3 hrs.

Area III

Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Laboratory Science

8 hrs.


College Algebra, Finite Math, or Precalculus Algebra

3 hrs.

Area IV

History, Social and Behavioral Sciences



3 hrs.


Principles of Micro and Macro Econ.

6 hrs.


Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science (American Government)

3 hrs.

Area V



Business Statistics

6 hrs.


Legal Environment of Business

3 hrs.


Financial and Managerial Accounting or

Introduction to Accounting

6 hrs.

4 hrs.


Computer Applications

3 hrs.


Mathematics for Professional Applications/Business Calculus

3 hrs.

*Must take a 6 hour sequence in any literature.