This form is for Reservation purpose only. The event is not considered booked until a confirmation sheet has been generated and signed by the User and the University center.

  1. The User Organization is responsible for all guests and participants of the event. The organization is financially responsible for any damages caused to the rented space and its contents during the reservation time.
  2. The user agrees to comply with all federal, state and local laws, as well as University policies and regulations.
  3. The user shall promptly remove all the decoration, props and any other items used for the event. Nothing should be tapped, tagged or nailed to the walls. Easels are available upon request. Trash should be bagged and ready for disposal. Additional trash bags are available from UC Room 100.
  4. Fireworks ,luminaries ,candles and other open flame items are not permitted inside University building.
  5. Fireworks and other weapons are prohibited in the University Center.
  6. Furniture cant be removed from any campus facility. Any public area furniture rearranged for an event must be returned to original arrangement at the end of event.
  7. Smoking is prohibited in University center.
  8. All food service and catering must be provided through University Food Service (256-721-9428). Under no circumstances may food and/or beverages, from outside vendors be brought into the UC for an event or activity. Catering requests should be made two weeks prior to the date of the event.
  9. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in University Center. One exception: Sodexo is present to provide the alcohol and bartender. Anyone under the age of 21 may not consume alcoholic beverages.
  10. Some event may require additional campus policy services and/or custodial services. The group is responsible for additional cost incurred for the service provided.
  11. The User agrees to cancel the reservation for the facility as soon as possible after it is determined the event has been postponed or canceled. The event may be rescheduled when space is available . A cancellation charge may be assessed to cover any expenses incurred by the University.
  12. All Reservation requests must be completed at least 48 hours in advance of the event. If last minute request is accepted ,the group agrees to accept the room set up "as is". If adequate staff is available for room setup, the UC team will try to accommodate last minute request.
  13. Due to circumstances beyond the University's control, there may be a time when a room reservation will be changed. Every attempt will be made to find an alternative location for the event. Notification will be given as soon as possible. If the alternative location is unacceptable ,the group may cancel event without penalty or reschedule.
  14. Fees for room rental. Student groups are allowed to reserve a space on campus at no charge, providing space is available, Student group will be charged if there is an admission fee to enter the event or majority of guests are non UAH participants . There is a $75 fee for Chan Auditorium and $75 fee for UC Exhibit Hall.


  1. Recognized Student Organizations: Where an event is scheduled by and attended primarily by campus people,and no admission is charged, no room rental will be charged.
  2. Recognized Faculty or Staff Organizations: Where an event is scheduled by and attended primarily by campus people,and no admission is charged , no room rental will be charged. Should one of these groups hold and event where admission is charged to UAH students, Faculty or staff, a room rental fee will be charged.
  3. UAH Sponsored Events Attended Primarily by Off-Campus Persons: One half of the scheduled room rental charges will apply.
  4. Non University Organization: the full scheduled room rental charges will be apply.