Graduate Record Examination Subject Test (GRE Subject)

What is the Graduate Record Examination Subject Test (GRE Subject)?

The GRE Subject test gauges undergraduate achievement in 8 specific fields of study. Each Subject Test is intended for students who have majored in or have extensive background in that specific area. *Please Note: GRE Subject differs from GRE. Check with your school to determine whether you need to take GRE or GRE Subject.

What are the 8 subject tests offered?

What is the GRE Subject used for?

GRE Subject is required for admission to certain graduate programs.

How would I know if my graduate program requires GRE Subject?

Check with an advisor for that program to determine testing requirements.

When is the GRE Subject test given at UAH?

Three Saturday dates a year in October, November, and April as determined by the testing company.

May I re-take the GRE Subject test?

Yes, you may re-take the GRE Subject test as often as they are given. However, you should be aware that score reports will include all test results obtained within the past five-year period.

How much does this test cost?

Please see the GRE website for test cost.

How do I register for the GRE Subject test?

Register through the test company website at

What should I bring with me to the test center?

Candidates must present two forms of valid, unexpired identification. The primary form of ID must contain both your photograph and your signature. No food, drink, cell phones or testing aids are permitted into the examination room.

Where can I learn more about the GRE Subject and find practice tests?

More information can be found online at