Tree Campus USA

Tree Campus USA

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The University of Alabama in Huntsville sits in the heart of the Tennessee Valley, surrounded by mountainous landscapes, hiking trails, scenic views, and the Monte Sano State Park. The park has over 14 miles of trails where hikers can admire the forest's biological diversity and beautiful views of the valley. This biodiversity can also be found below, on the campus of UAH. UAH is host to a variety of trees, and has been recognized for its over 300 species of native and non-native trees in the campus forest. Many of the campus trees are unusual and not commonly seen in this region. The majority of the trees on campus have been planted since 1987 as an effort to increase diversity and acquaint the public with the wide palette of trees that can be successful in this area. UAH is committed to maintaining this diversity while providing a healthy community for students.

To protect and promote our campus forest, Chargers for Sustainability is participating in the Arbor Day Foundation's Tree Campus USA program. We are happy to announce that UAH has been certified as a Tree Campus USA for 2014! 

A tree planting ceremony will be held on UAH Arbor Day, February 27th, at 10:30AM on the campus greenway, where the Tree Campus USA flag will be raised for the first time. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend!


2014 Objectives

1. Develop the UAH Tree Advisory Committee 

2. Refine tree management policies, including planting, removal, pest control, pruning, and fertilization 

3. Increase campus tree canopy coverage by 1.3% by 2015 

4. Increase annual pollution removal through the addition of 200 trees by 2015 

5. Establish annual tree care budget 

6. Foster student engagement through a volunteer tree care program 

7. Establish a campus arboretum through the Campus Green Fund Initiative 

8. Update standards annually to maintain Tree Campus USA certification


Tree Advisory Committee

Robert Redmon, Director of Grounds Management  ( 

Vanessa Ennis, Director of Energy Management and Plant Systems  ( 

Mark Cowherd, Executive Director of Facilities  ( 

Justin Thompson, Assistant Campus Architect  ( 

Haley Hix, Chargers for Sustainability Director  (