About Us

MGSAMGSA is an organization formed to constitute a networking system and helps secure financial support for minority graduate students at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Born out of the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) the mission of MGSA is to assist the retention and recruitment efforts of UAH and to further address various overlooked elements of minority representation on campus.

MembersMGSA has been successful at bringing together minority graduate students from their respective disciplines. MGSA also serves as a resource and support network to help ensure the academic success of students through the development of educational, cultural, and social programs


To create a support group among minority students presently enrolled in graduate degree programs at the university and establish an effective Scopemechanism for networking with professionals. The association will aspire to strengthen the focus of each member's prospective career and provide the university with a base of minority leadership and source of encouragement toward higher education for the university's minority undergraduate students. Our mission is to encourage and support graduate students in their efforts of pursuing higher education degrees.


  • To provide currently enrolled and previously enrolled minority graduate students with a means of networking with each other as well as with academic and industry professionals
  • To establish scholarships and endowments for students through MGSA
  • To establish a mechanism for communicating with companies interested in increasing diversity through minority representation
  • To pioneer the interaction between other minority organizations on campus and foster unity and communication within the student body
  • To further expose and facilitate minority students' representation at often ignored departmental and campus wide functions at the undergraduate level
  • To promote and foster professionalism and academic excellence in the attitudes of minority students
  • To help imcrease the academic success (graduation) of minority students at the university