All new arrivals must fill details in the airport pickup form at least 7 days before arrival. Temporary accommodation of 7 days will be provided for free by ISO-UAHuntsville.


ISO-UAHuntsville welcomes you! In these pages, we have made an effort to put up information relevant to both prospective and current students of UAH, while also conveying an impression of the life of Indian students in this quiet town. Some of the information may appear irrelevant, but it is our hope that you will find it useful at some point. With sincere thanks to the many people who have made this web page possible, here is a brief gist of what you are likely to find here.

If you are a prospective student, you are either wondering if UAH is a "good" school or you have received admission and want more info about UAHuntsville. We, the Indian Student Organization of UAH have been formed to help you with exactly that information. By now, you must have heard a thousand opinions about the education system here and you may still have a thousand questions popping up in your mind. Since many students face common problems, we have an "Answers" page that will answer most of the common questions.There's also the Pre-Travel page which covers some packing tips.

If you still have a very specific question, or want a ride from the airport feel free to contact us or e-mail us. We will be glad to assist you. But since it is not possible for us to pay exclusive attention to each one of you, we request you to read through these pages, especially the "Answers" page, before sending us a query.

If you are already a student here, you will find in these pages an easy guide to Huntsville, and hopefully, you will find a solution to those boring weekends and holidays in these. There is also a page dedicated to those who are done with their degrees and are about to fly to "greener" pastures!

We wish you all success and a memorable time in Huntsville.

Best wishes,

Indian Student Organization
University Center Building, UAH
Huntsville, AL 35899
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