Summer Bridge Program

2014 Summer Bridge Students

 2014 Summer Bridge Program Application

 Ashley White  Brittney Stanley  Jorge Rivera   Terrick Fields

                    Ashley White                                         Brittney Stanley                                           Jorge Rivera                                                    Terrick Fields

        Mechanical Engineering                            Chemical Engineering                           Mechanical Engineering                                 Aerospace Engineering


Charles Box   Thomas Reyes   Jonathan Shields

                  Charles Box                                                   Thomas Reyes                                    Jonathan Shields

           Electrical Engineering                                        Physics and Math                                Computer Science




The LSAMP Summer Bridge Program is a two-week residential initiative to aid in the transition from high school to college.  The program will be held July 6 – 18 on the UAH campus.  During this program students will have an opportunity to experience living on campus, mock classes, research opportunities and other resource material. The program targets populations underrepresented in STEM and students who complete the program become eligible for the LSAMP Transition Scholarship.  

Program Components include :

Academic Enrichment

 Students participate in two weeks of academic preparation.

Career and Academic Counseling

Students receive both group and one-on-one career and academic counseling. Information on career opportunities in the sciences, government and industry are presented to students in required mini-sessions.


 A well–designed freshman orientation program is provided with follow-up support, guidance and mentoring throughout the program. The concluding conference features a distinguished visiting guest speaker, student poster competitions in the areas of mathematics, English and essay writing.


Particpants of the summer bridge program will recieve:

  • On campus housing in a Residence Hall
  • Meals
  • A partial meal plan
  • An opprortunity to recieve a scholarship for fall 2014 
  • One-on-one and group mentoring
  • Participation in the ALSAMP 2014 poster compitition.
  • Access to the Council of African American Faculty (CAAF)
  • Access to additional workshops and seminars throughout the academic year





     2013 Summer Bridge Students:

Charabian Hill    Kristopher Short    Malia West


                                                                                                       Nick Kennedy       Sarabi Jackson