Getting Organized

Okay, now that you've got yourself motivated with clear goals, what next? Gather your resources and get organized. In academic work, as in life, it's good to have a plan. First, determine what resources you have and then plan to use them wisely.  

Campus Resources

Check out the resources you have available through your college.  As a student, you should take full advantage of the following resources:

Instructors and Professors

Student Success Center (MH) offers resources such as:                

  • Academic Coaching and Advising
  • Career Counseling and Job Placement
  • General College Advising
  • Honors College
  • PASS Program
  • Free Tutoring

 Financial Aid (UC212) offers resources such as:     

  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Work Study
  • Loans



Counseling Center (MH136) offers:

  • Personal counseling



Health and Wellness Center (UC203) offers services such as:

  • Immunizations
  • Treatment of Acute Illness
  • Preventative Health Services
  • Health Counseling
  • Testing
  • Vaccinations
  • Student Health Insurance

Disability Support Services (MH136)


  • Computers and networks

Instructors, instead of viewing your instructor as someone to appease in order to get a decent grade, think of him or her as someone working towards your success.

Other students (get to know your fellow students.  Not only are they good study partners, but will likely become some or your closest friends through life).