How to Make Friends Your Freshman Year

The college experience is what you make it and freshman year is usually the biggest adjustment period for college students. For most students, it's the first time in their lives that they are away from home and have the freedom to experience all that college has to offer. But, sometimes freshmen need a little help on how to make friends during this critical year. Check out this how-to guide on how to make friends during freshman year in college and get ready to enhance your college experience!

How to Make Friends during Freshman Year in College

  1. Participate in freshman orientation activities. If there's a residence hall meeting or party, make an extra effort to go. Attend freshman, events, gatherings, socials, etc. and introduce yourself to people. Everyone is in the same position as you. This is a new experience. If you need a conversation starter, start with that. Ask other freshmen what they think of the school, what they're majoring in, etc.
  2. Get to know the people in your suite and residence. You will be living with these people all year, and chances are a few of them will become close friends. Invite them to go with you to an on-campus event, or bake cookies in the communal kitchen and go door-to-door, offering cookies as a welcome and get-to-know-you gift.
  3. Start a conversation with someone every day that you don't know. If you're sitting in class, talk to the person next to you. Ask what they've heard about the professor or if they're going to that big on-campus event that weekend.
  4. Join on-campus groups. On most college campuses, there are groups for every interest under the sun. Do your research and join groups that interest you. You'll be surprised of the plethora of resources and friends you'll find in these groups.