10 key ways parents can be supportive

1.  Ask your student about what they are LEARNING instead of always focusing on grades.

2.  Talk about FRIENDS at school without grilling them.  Ask a few leading questions, like "So, what have you been up to?"

3.  Encourage your student to get INVOLVED. Research shows that students who engage in campus life feel more satisfied with their experience, and much more likely to stay to finish their degree.

4.  Discuss COMING HOME, if your student lives away at school, before the first occasion arises.  There will be a changing dynamic, as they are use to having freedom and self-responsibility as school, and may balk at the same rules they  use to abide by.

5.  LISTEN when your student is trying to work something out.  Don't interrupt with immediate solutions or advice, as figuring things out for oneself is a key part of growing into adulthood.

6.  By the same token, DON"T JUMP IN to solve things for your student when they are struggling.  It's certainly fine to listen and talk things through.  

7.  SEND MAIL when your student will be least expecting it.  They will love to receive a package of some of their favorite things.

8.  Try NOT TO OVERCOMMUNICATE with your student via all the various tech tools at your disposal.

9.  Be ready to EMBRACE CHANGE as it comes. 

10. Let your student know that you TRUST them.  This will lead to more self-confidence and an ability to stand up for what they believe is right.