Making the Grade


The Undergraduate Minority Mentoring Program is a vital campus resource for you and your student.  The Mentoring staff are trained in the provision of student services.  They are available to answer questions, intervene and help with social, academic, and personal student development.  We offer assistance with time management, study skills, test taking and note taking strategies.

Your son or daughter has spent the past few months learning and adjusting to their new living and/or learning environment.  Soon they will receive their grades for the first semester of their college experience.

While earning good grades is important to all students, it is helpful if parents have reasonable academic expectations for their son or daughter.  Some students are not capable of earning all A’s.  For some students, maintaining a B average is very good since this has often required a great deal of hard work.  Parents should be sensitive to avoid putting too much pressure on their student to perform at a level that is higher than their capabilities.  It is helpful, however, if parents do show an interest in how their son or daughter is progressing.  Periodically, checking with your student about their academic work is fine as long as it is not too often.  Being an encouraging and supportive parent is the most beneficial approach.

Realize that although your student may not tell you that they appreciate you, they are grateful for all you do.