About UMMP

The Peer Mentor Program targets first-year African American, and Hispanic students. The primary objective of the program is to contribute to the advancement of first-year students by aiding in their academic, emotional and social adjustments to college. Any first year student can request to be served by an upper class mentor through the Peer Mentor Program.


The peer mentoring relationship is designed to foster a network of support for first year students of African-American and Hispanic descent at UAHuntsville. Mentors serve as peer support personnel for these freshmen (Mentees) and share program goals and responsibilities aimed at ensuring the retention of these particular student groups.


  • To aid in the academic, emotional and socio-cultural adjustment of first year students of African-American, and Hispanic descent to college life at UAHuntsville.
  • To actively involve upper-class students and faculty/staff in developing the maximum potential of these freshmen.
  • To assist African-American and Hispanic students in the Student Experience centered on the four pillars of the UAHuntsville experience.