About the EMPIRE minority mentoring program


Are you interested in academic success, cultural awareness, personal development and campus involvement?

If your answer is "yes," the EMPIRE mentoring program may be exactly what you need.

What is EMPIRE?

EMPIRE is the name of our peer mentoring program which pairs incoming minority students with upper class mentors. The program is targeted at African American and Hispanic students.

EMPIRE is designed to aid in the retention of minority students at UAH by:

  • Providing mentoring for first-year students of color through strategic and consistent contact.
  • Providing personal and professional enrichment opportunities for students with an emphasis on students of color.
  • Serving as a referral agent for academic support services available at UAH that contribute to improved student success.
  • Sponsoring and encouraging attendance at programs in which mentors and mentees actively interact and participate. 

What are the program's benefits?

Specifically designed workshops, social opportunities, added support network, and a great start to your college career.  Also , research states that students who receive mentoring increases their chances at being successful academically. 

Is there a cost to participate?

No, your participation in EMPIRE is free.

What type of commitment is involved from participants?

Attendance at scheduled workshops and activities, a positive attitude, and a desire to be successful at UAH.

How do you join EMPIRE?

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Minority Services or request a mentor on-line here.

How does mentoring work?

The upperclassman serves as a mentor to the new student as he/she faces their first year at UAH. 

Peer mentors provide assistance and guidance to new students in the following ways:

  • Personal meetings and telephone calls several times each month
  • Challenging new students to be more academically competitive and to become involved in leadership activities on campus
  • Acquainting new students with resources and services available on campus
  • Assisting new students in understanding the structure and systems of the University
  • Inviting new students to attend cultural, developmental and educational events