Victim's Rights

Victims must notify the Student Conduct Director if they wish to exercise any of the rights listed in this section at least three academic days prior to any scheduled hearings.

(a) Victims’ rights apply to the following types of cases:

  1. Sexual Misconduct or Sexual Violence
  2. Hazing
  3. Stalking or harassment
  4. Other types of physical abuse

(b) Rights

  1. To be present during the hearing.
  2. To have an advisor of the alleged victim’s choice accompany her/ him when presenting information to the hearing body and to any other relevant meetings held throughout the disciplinary process.  The student may select, at his or her own expense, an attorney to serve as his/her advisor. 
  3. To submit a victim impact statement. This information would be used only in sanctioning, if the charged student is found responsible for the charge(s).
  4. To have unrelated past behavior excluded from the hearing. The chair of the hearing board will decide if such information is unrelated. The past sexual history of the alleged victim is not usually considered relevant.
  5. To submit questions to the hearing board. The hearing board will then consider posing those questions to the charged student.
  6. At the request of the victims in cases involving sexual misconduct or violence, physical violence or stalking charges, the victim may request to testify in a separate room from the charged student so long as the process does not unduly compromise the charged student.
  7. To be notified of the outcome.
  8. Additional support services are provided to the victim through Counseling Center upon request of the victim through the Dean of Students office.