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The mission of the Student Government Association is to advocate for the students of The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) with representation that not only helps voice the opinions and concerns of students but also to help enhance the student experience as a whole. The Student Government Association will work with the faculty, staff, and administration to make necessary changes.

The SGA provides a forum for the free and open expression of student ideas and opinions, is a liaison between the students and the university administration, works to instill a sense of community and campus involement, and assists in creating an atmosphere conducive to a high level of academic achievement.

The association is composed of a legislative and executive branch. The legislative branch is made up of senators who are elected each spring semester to represent five colleges (Business, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Nursing, and Science) as well as five classes (Undergraduate freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors and graduate students). The SGA is governed by the SGA Constitution and SGA Bylaws.



UAH SGA joins White House for the national campus campaign against sexual assault – “It’s On Us”


Its on Us

1 out of every 5 women, and 1 out of 18 males, are sexually assaulted in college every year. 95 percent of these assaults; however, go unreported. In its efforts to foster the community at UAH, the SGA has decided to address this issue by creating partnerships with key stake holders on campus. UAH SGA hopes to create a culture of accountably, through the “It’s on Us” initiative, one that is unwilling to accept sexual misconduct on or around campus. Over the next few weeks, SGA will be reaching out to the student body in an effort to promote this movement. The first step in the initiative calls for the student body to stand in solidarity by signing the electronic pledge – which states “We, a family at UAH, will not tolerate sexual assault in any of its forms.” SGA is proud to be partnering with Dr. Regina Hyatt, along with her student life team, in their current exceptional efforts to spread the message across campus.

Take the Pledge today at http://itsonus.org/ !



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Updated: November 17, 2014