About the Program

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A Peer Mentor (PM) assists first-year students in their transition from high school to UAH by providing support and guidance. This is accomplished by the Peer Mentor actively participating in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Throughout the year, the focus will be building a relationship with their assigned first year mentee and through attending events and meetings. LEAP focuses on all aspects of adjustment: social, academic and mental wellness.

By becoming a Peer Mentor, student leaders will help to guide our next generation of UAH Chargers. Mentoring is a rewarding experience for all those involved. The relationship that is formed between the mentor and the person being mentored is built on trust, respect and the common goal of bettering one’s ability to succeed. Mentors will also receive access to great training topics and professional development opportunities.

Benefits of Joining LEAP

  • Being paired with an upperclassmen Peer Mentor
  • Meeting over 125 new people before the rest of campus even moves in
  • Programs specifically geared towards leadership development
  • Living with other first-year members of LEAP
  • Moving onto campus early with meals provided- free of charge! (August 10th)
  • T-shirts! And other fun giveaways!
Apply to LEAP

Complete the Apply for UAH Housing application and select Leadership Community as a preference under the Living Options area.

Complete the LEAP registration.

Have questions about LEAP? Visit us in-person at Orientation or email leap@uah.edu.