Student Organizations

There's something special about UAH – inside and out of the academic classroom. The University provides numerous opportunities for students to become involved on campus. There are over 100 registered student organizations to choose from. In order to help you find the organizations that interest you most, UAH places student organizations in the following categories (some organizations may fall into more than one category):


Organizations designed for students interested in a particular career or academic field of study who want to establish networks and further develop their skills in that area.

Community Service

Organizations that provide volunteer opportunities for civic-minded students eager to serve the campus and/or community.

Fraternities / Sororities

More commonly known as Greek-letter fraternities and sororities, these groups work to foster the ideals of friendship, leadership, service and integrity.

Honor Societies

Local and national honor societies that provide service and leadership opportunities as well as recognition for students with academic honors.


Focused on developing and enhancing leadership traits and qualities.


Focused on providing support and fostering community within the various cultures, races, religions and orientations represented among the student body.

Political / Government

Student groups that encourage expression, debate, and support of political issues, views, and/or candidates.


Groups that encourage participation in and the promotion of physical fitness, wellness, leisure and special interest activities.


Groups that provide spiritual and/or religious development and support.

Special Interest

Organizations that exist to enhance campus life and to provide support to students through a variety of programs and events.