Chargerettes Dance Team


  2. Promote enthusiasm among students and the UAH community
  3. Provide extracurricular activities for students
  4. Provide a unique opportunity for students who enjoy dance and entertainment
  5. Encourage competitiveness and teamwork


All dance team members must be selected through an official dance team tryout process. The team size will range from 10 to 15 members depending on what the talent pool is during the selection process. Another selection process may be held if additional team members are needed. That decision will be made by the advisor or coach. All dance team members must tryout each year.

Students wishing to tryout for the dance team must:

  • Be an enrolled UAH student or in the process of applying to UAH.
  • High school seniors and transfer students must be admitted to UAH prior to June 30th
  • Must be enrolled for the entire term for the fall semester
  • Must be available to attend summer camps and workshops (to be determined)
  • Must exhibit enthusiasm, CHARGER SPIRIT
  • Enjoy dance and entertainment
  • Must maintain a 2.5 or better GPA 

Apply to be a Chargerette

Online Application (Coming Soon)

Qualifications and Requirements

Tryout Schedule and Guidelines

(19 And Over) Release and Indemnity Agreement Tryouts

(Under 19) Release and Indemnity Agreement Tryouts