The Staff Senate has seven standing committees that serve as advisory bodies in accomplishing specific objectives to meet the Staff Senate's purpose and goals.

Assisting with the coordination of the Annual Faculty/Staff Picnic in May, improving employment policies and sponsoring lunch hour seminars for personal and professional development are some of the services we've initiated.

Executive Committee Officers

Includes the Staff Senate President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Staff Relations positions, as well as the non-voting ex officio member (UAH V.P. of Finance & Administration).

Bylaws Committee

Establishes and maintains a set of simple but effective bylaws to govern the Staff Senate. This committee also prepares for and conducts annual and special elections.

Communications Committee

Assist in developing awareness of Staff Senate events and functions. Provide interactive communication tools between the Staff Senate, UAH staff community and campus at-large.

Employee Benefits & Development Committee

ldentifies and studies changes that may be recommended to enhance the existing benefits program for staff employees. Recommendations from this committee shall be submitted to the Senate for consideration. Recommendations approved by the Senate shall be presented to the appropriate university administrators.

This committee also develops and presents, for approval by the Staff Senate, a program of activities which shall provide opportunities for the personal and professional development of all staff employees.

Governmental Relations Committee

Works with the University's Governmental Liaison and Staff Senate Employee Development Committee to provide educational seminars and forums to inform university staff about current issues and concerns. Informs, promotes awareness, and provides information to the Staff Senate on issues related to the University.

Policies and Procedures Committee

Provides guidance and support, as needed, to any UAH staff employee on issues relating to university policies or procedures. The Committee shall not, however, involve itself in the grievance procedure provided by the university for the resolution of individual complaints by an employee regarding his or her employment.

Safety Committee

New committee designed to assist with Safety concerns on campus. This committee will hopefully work with Local Police, EMOG and Physical Plant to help ensure a safe campus atmosphere.