Frequently Asked Writing Questions

Where do I submit my paper?

Email your paper to Be sure to also complete the request form. Papers cannot be reviewed until a complete form has been turned in.

Why does the request form link take me to the Gmail login page?

You must be signed in to your UAH email account to view and fill out the form. Sign in to your account, and then the form will be viewable. 


What information do I provide on the submission?

Provide a detailed description of your writing assignment on your request form. Attach an electronic copy of your assignment sheet, if you have one, to your email. The tutor will respond to the assignment as you have described it if no assignment sheet is attached.


What file type is required for email submission?

Acceptable file types include: .doc (if newer than Microsoft Office 95), .docx, .docm, .dot, .dotx, .dotm, .html, plain text (.txt), .rtf, and .odt.


What is the turnaround time?

If all steps have been followed correctly, you should receive feedback within two (2) business days. Note that a "business day" constitutes a day that the UAH campus is open. If UAH is closed, Online Tutoring for Writing is also closed.


How early should I submit my paper?

Plan your submissions to allow time to make revisions before the due date. We strongly recommend that you submit your draft at least one week before your paper is due!


Is there a page limit for submissions?

Online writing tutors will review and comment on a student's essay for one, 50-minute session. Lengthy papers may not be wholly addressed in one session; if your paper is too long for the tutor to review in one session, the tutor will notify you in the response email.


What assignments can I submit?

This service is for written assignments only. Eligible assignments include essays, paragraphs, journal critiques, lab reports, abstracts, marketing plans, scholarship essays, etc. Unacceptable assignments include grammar worksheets, exercises that involve short answer or multiple choice answers, etc.