Undergraduate Writing Program

The primary mission of the Undergraduate Writing Program is to help UAH students become more confident and successful writers. Writing tutors can help with analyzing assignments and tasks, addressing audiences appropriately, streamlining composing processes, strengthening focus and organization, and increasing control over language. They can also help students learn to become better editors by teaching improved proofreading skills.

Their objective is to help each student better his or her writing skills through peer consultations at any point in the writing process. Writing tutors also address global issues of planning, organization, focus, structure, explanation, support, and mechanics in individual writing assignments with the goal of familiarizing the writer with his/her own writing process.

They encourage writers to identify their most pressing concerns. Consultations are an opportunity to talk about these issues, or simply to get another perspective on the work-in-progress. 

To make an appointment you can visit the Tutoring & Writing Program homepage or click here.


Faculty: Please encourage your students to utilize our services. For more information open our Faculty Guide.



APA Citation 

Chicago Style 

Comma Splice & Run-Ons

MLA Style 

Writing Effective Paragraphs 

Writing Effective Thesis Statements 

Writing Lab Reports 

Writing Successful Transitions  


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